Fighting Obesity.

Hey thurr!
I'm a 23 year old Irish girl, on a mission to lose weight.
Put one foot before the other and you'll get there in the end. :) x

HW: 295 lbs
SW: 242 lbs [15/4/12]
CW: 225

GW 1: 233 lbs [Reached - 23/5/12]
GW 2: 228 lbs [Reached - 17/6/12]
GW 3: 223 lbs [Reached - 05/7/12] +2lbs
GW4: 218 lbs
GW: 179 lbs [No longer obese!!]
UGW: 149 lbs [Healthy weight! :D Maybe more - I'll see once I reach it]

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*sigh* Okay.

So I just feel like I need to get this off my chest. Ever since my uncles death a few months ago I’ve fallen off track. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I am SICK of being fat. I just want to be thinner but more important than that I just want to be HEALTHY. But no matter what I do or how I’m thinking I keep seeming to fall off track lately.

I just don’t even know. I’ve just lost my motivation. I mean I’ve got the reasons I want to lose weight in my head and I keep thinking of how far I’ve come .. and I keep having a few good days or like .. a week or two where I eat clean and exercise .. but then I just seem to stop and put the weight I’ve lost right back on.

I comfort eat and I know I do but no matter how hard I try to distract myself I just always seem to binge.

Urgh. I dunno. I dunno what’s up with me lately. I WANT it so bad but I just can’t seem to do it and I don’t know why. And the more frustrated I get about not doing it .. the more I comfort eat and the worse I get. I keep saying “just DO it” to myself but I just can’t seem to.

I know this is a bit of a moany post and not something you guys need to read but I really just don’t know. It’s my weight loss blog so I want to be able to look back on everything and see how I felt and what was going on with me on my journey.

I just hope I find my mojo soon. I NEED to do this. Bleugh.

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Just had some chicken soup and 2 slices of wholegrain bread for lunch. Hoping the soup will magic my flu away!!

Weighed myself this morning. I was 225lbs. Before I left I’d just reached 223lbs. Considering the amount of crap I’ve eaten in the last while I’m quite surprised by this. Just a 2lb gain. I’m not proud of it .. But at the end of the day it could have been a helluva lot worse.

Oh well. Onwards and upwards. Just another part of my weight loss story.

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